Anonymous: Hahah ya, people in the north are hardcore as hell. I live on the west coast of canada where its p warm but theres been times ive gone to other provinces and its been that cold

That sounds terrible! I live in nothern New York so it gets mighty cold and snowy up here and I’ve been across Canada during the winter and you guys are basically warriors. Some places we drove through had twice and almost three times the amount of snow NY would get. It’s insane.

Teacher: What are you going to do after college?
Senior: I don't know.
Teacher: Well what are you passionate about?
Senior: I haven't had time to find my passion because I'm too busy preparing for tests/midterms/finals/the AP exam/ACT/SAT and having to write my college entry/scholarship/housing applications. Plus, I have homework.
January: Another year, another Halloween to look forward to
February: Valentine's day? Nah. YOU KNOW WHAT'S A COOL FESTIVAL?
March: Easter season. Yeah u get chocolate but wherE'S THE FUN IN IT
April: Literally the furthest u can get from Halloween. Difficult times for all.
May: I'll buy a pumpkin I don't fucking care
June: If u start making ur costume now you'll probably save time and money tbh
July: Halloween preparation. Raid the candy stores
August: Can almost smell the Halloween
November: Post-Halloween depression
December: Nightmare Before Christmas season


Waking up each day in October like


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Got a total of like 3 questions today. Don’t get too talkative, guys. I don’t know if I can handle all 0 messages.

" I go through phases. Somedays I feel like the person I’m supposed to be, and then somedays, I turn into no one at all. There is both me and my silhouette. I hope that on the days you find me and all I am are darkened lines, you still are willing to be near me. "


Destroy hateful straight edge culture that has no room for compassion and treating addicts like people

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